• The state urged the court to reject the case

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  • While they seem to eat almost anything when they do forage in

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  • This would help the doctors determine how serious my case was

    canada goose store What a Rattlesnake Bite Really Feels Like canada goose store

    canada goose uk shop Janette Sherman, 38, a recent transplant to Colorado, recalls how a casual walk with her dog last month turned into a frantic trip to the ER and the mistakes she made along the way. canada goose Canada Goose Jackets uk shop

    canadian goose jacket On one of the first warm days of April here in Denver, I set off on my lunch break for a hike in nearby Bear Creek Lake Park. I work for a cycling company where most people ride for an hour in the afternoons, but I had my dog with me that day canada goose and he needed a good walk. canadian goose jacket

    I moved to Colorado last year from California, and my boss had warned me about rattlesnakes on the trail especially in the spring, when the ground starts to warm up and the cold blooded critters look for places to soak up some sun. Still, Canada Goose sale I’ve encountered snakes before and wasn’t overly concerned: I was wearing shorts (instead of pants and snake gaiters, like some experts recommend), and certainly wasn’t watching the ground every step of the way.

    canada goose clearance sale The dispatcher asked me if my bite looked like a horseshoe; I learned later that horseshoe shaped wounds come from nonvenomous snakes with tiny teeth all the way around their mouths. canada goose clearance sale When I told her no, there were three distinct holes (which indicates the fangs of a venomous snake), she calmly told me I should get to a hospital. canada goose clearance sale

    canada goose clearance But at that point I still felt OK, and was embarrassed to make a big deal about things. Even though the dispatcher wanted to send an ambulance, I told her I’d walk back to my car the long way, since I refused to backtrack past where the snake had been and drive myself to a fire station down the road. canada goose clearance

    cheap Canada Goose RELATED: 50 Day Hikes You Must Add to Your Bucket List cheap Canada Goose

    canada goose coats As I walked, my foot began to swell and hurt badly. A driver on the road saw me limping and gave me a ride to my car, and I managed to get myself to the fire station. I was sweating a lot more than normal, and my lips and face had started to go numb. Now I know that overexertion can speed up a person’s reaction to snake venom and make symptoms worse. Looking back, I should have waited for help to arrive. canada goose coats

    At the fire station, the EMTs took my shoe off and used a Sharpie to mark how far the swelling had spread up my leg and across my foot in the 30 minutes since my bite. This would help the doctors determine how serious my case was, they explained. (They also told me that commercial “snake bite” kits are worthless, but that hiking with a permanent marker is a good idea for this very reason.)

    canada goose factory sale I asked if I could go to an urgent care center, but the EMTs told me that only major hospitals would have antivenin, the technical name for what’s also known as anti canada goose black friday sale venom. About two out of five rattlesnake bites are what’s known as a “dry bite” not venomous but with my swelling and facial numbness, that didn’t seem to be the case. canada goose factory sale

    uk canada goose outlet An ambulance took me to Saint Anthony’s Hospital in Denver, where the paramedics’ suspicions were confirmed. But the antivenin had to be mixed in the pharmacy it’s not always stored in a Canada Goose Parka ready to use formula which would take a while. I was seriously starting to regret not agreeing to an ambulance right away. uk canada goose outlet

    Canada Goose Online To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up or the Healthy Living newsletter Canada Goose Online

    In the meantime, the doctors performed an EKG to check my heart rhythm, and gave me anti nausea medication to keep me from throwing up (a common symptom of snake bites). Then, about two hours from when I was bitten, I started seeing double and my vision began fading to black. In the nick of time, the antivenin was ready, and the doctors administered six vials.

    Over the next few hours, I received six more vials as the hospital staff monitored my vital signs, making sure I didn’t have a bad reaction to the drug. Snake venom can interfere with blood canada goose coats on sale cells’ ability to clot, so my doctors also had to take frequent blood draws and pay close attention to that, as well.

    Canada Goose online The pain from the swelling in my leg was excruciating, and I had to be monitored closely to make sure I didn’t develop compartment syndrome, when pressure builds up and causes tissue and blood vessel damage. But I got really lucky: Because I’d been treated quickly enough, I didn’t have any permanent injury. Canada Goose online

    buy canada goose jacket RELATED: How to Treat 8 Common Injuries at Home buy canada goose jacket

    buy canada goose jacket cheap I spent about three days in the hospital, and was discharged with crutches and some strong pain meds. I was cleared for exercise, and went back to the office, a week after the bite happened. I’d tried to answer work emails while recovering at home, but I felt really out of it those first few days like my brain wasn’t working at full speed. buy canada goose jacket cheap

    canada goose coats canada goose outlet on sale Then came several follow up appointments, with an orthopedist and my primary care doctor, to make sure there were no lasting complications. My liver enzymes tested a little high, so I was told not to drink alcohol or take acetaminophen for a month. canada goose coats on sale

    It’s now been about three weeks since I was bitten, and I still have tenderness and swelling in my leg especially if I spend a lot of canada goose clearance time on my feet. But the bruising has faded and you can barely see the puncture marks. Also thankfully, I have health insurance: I haven’t canadian goose jacket gotten a bill yet, but I’ve read that antivenin can cost $2,500 a vial, and that it’s not unusual for snake bite treatment to total $100,000 canada goose store or more.

    The most lasting effect of all this, honestly, is that it’s made me a little freaked out to go back out on the trail. I finally went for a bike ride at Bear Creek Lake this past weekend, and I screamed a few times when things brushed my leg. Luckily, I was able to calm myself down with some deep breaths and logical thinking.

    RELATED: How to Stock a Smart First Aid Kit

    I did learn a lot from my experience that rattlesnakes don’t buy canada goose jacket always rattle, how to recognize a venomous bite, how important it is to get to Canada Goose online a hospital ASAP, and what not to do: Experts agree that you shouldn’t apply ice, cut into the wound, raise the affected limb above your heart, or apply a buy canada goose jacket cheap tourniquet.

    Canada Goose Parka I do plan to buy some snake gaiters, especially for when I’m exploring on foot, and canada goose coats I’m sure I will be more cautious from cheap Canada Goose now on when I do get back out there. I know I’ll get my confidence back soon, though, because hiking and biking is what keeps me happy and healthy rattlesnakes and all. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. All products and services featured are selected by our https://www.canadagooseisverige.com editors. Offers may be subject to change without notice. See the Terms Canada Goose Outlet of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Rights)for more information. Ad Choices EU Data Subject Requests Canada Goose Parka.

  • So less Black Hills; more someone backyard in Alabama

    We do not have the capacity to refine oil that we use to have. We love to farm such things out to make the environmentalist happy. They use as much gas as the rest of us but they don’t want a refinery in their neighborhood. Mugabe’s tenure ended in an announcement at a special joint session of parliament where MPs had convened to impeach the 93 year old who dominated every aspect of Zimbabwean public life for decades.On the streets, the news that his long and often brutal leadership was over sparked wild celebrations on Tuesday evening. Car horns honked and large crowds erupted into ecstatic cheers and dancing.The likely next president is Emmerson Mnangagwa, who Mugabe sacked as his deputy earlier this month in a move that pushed infuriated army chiefs to seize power and force Mugabe’s exit.Mnangagwa was once a key Mugabe ally, but he was also chief rival of the president’s wife Grace in a bitter succession battle that erupted publicly in recent months.”I, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Hereby formally tender my resignation.

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  • Elon was amazing we are all going to Mars

    canada goose store LIBERAL, Kan. Kay Burtzloff, a 61 year old small business owner who’s lived in this area for nearly 20 years, likes to joke that she’s one of Liberal’s only liberals. The county, after all, went to Donald Trump by more than 30 points, and in the runup to the 2016 election, Burtzloff decided against putting canada goose outlet a Hillary Clinton sticker on her car, fearing vandals. canada goose store

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  • It showed the internal structure of the Earth

    Spielman has tried every conceivable route possible to address the position when given the final say on personnel moves with Miami (2004) and Minnesota (2012 to present). Feeley, a backup in Philadelphia who Spielman incorrectly believed could become a quality starter. There was the draft with Vikings first round picks used on Christian Ponder and Teddy Bridgewater.

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  • However, subsequent discoveries overshadowed this depiction of

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