In Debate with Anti-Affirmative Action Foe Jennifer Gratz, Journalist Bankole Thompson Dismisses Gratz’s Post-Racial America Remarks

DETROIT, MI June 28- In a heated exchange on WXYZ-Channel 7 Sunday morning show “Spotlight” hosted by Chuck Stokes, and set to air  June 30, at 9:30am, Bankole Thompson, the distinguished author and journalist dismissed prominent anti-affirmative action foe Jennifer Gratz’s repeated outright remarks during a round table discussion that we are in a post-racial America and race no longer matters in admissions in colleges.

Thompson, who is editor of the Michigan Chronicle, and one of the most influential writers in media and politics, said race is an ever present reality and unless we are living in utopia, we cannot dismiss race in college admissions given the lingering impact of negative policies on African Americans, people of color and women.

Gratz has been campaigning in states such as Arizona to end affirmative action programs in colleges. Thompson said the sometimes hateful and racist remarks of Arizona’s repulsive governor Jan Brewer speaking like she’s a governor of the 60s suggest that we are not in a post-racial America.

Thompson called the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act the most highly misguided decision in two decades, and that the ruling on affirmative action is a blatant legal bait by the nation’s highest court to force the lower court to end the program. Arizona Gov. Brewer is celebrating the ruling on voting rights as win for “Arizona sovereignty.”

Thompson told Gratz and the round table that often the use of state rights by governors is an “easy route for state sanctioned discrimination,” reminding the panel that Arizona first refused to observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr holiday until it faced a boycott.
He cited President Lyndon Johnson’s speech at Howard University where he challenged the government to undo decades of injuries on Blacks saying you cannot take a man in chains to the middle of the road and then ask him to walk free.

Thompson, and Gratz, who was the plaintiff in the University of Michigan affirmative action case, and Wayne State Constitutional Law Professor Robert Sedler, were part of a heated round table program on WXYZ- Channel 7 “Spotlight” program airing this Sunday at 9:30am. Tune in.

Thompson will also be part of WDIV-Channel 4 Sunday morning round table program “Flashpoint” broadcasting live at 10am.

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