Comedian Jerry Seinfeld will donate all the proceeds from three

2.5 million reacting to the stunning news on Twitter within just two hours. I feel he static. The king is coming home. Like every other would be reality show that focuses on an ethnic group, this show is offensive to mankind. But also, it seeks to dispel the myths and stereotypes you know about Gypsies (or “Romani,” if you want to pretend to be politically correct before you jump ass first into the racist cistern of dribble shits that this show tosses at you) by replacing them with all new and worse stereotypes. Or, in some cases, just confirming them anyway.

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    This is the FIRST time your kids have been to the fair.
    They are having a great time! So suck it up and stay!
    So I took some medicine and stayed and i was so glad i did!
    WE stayed until almost 10:00 PM last night! We were there for almost
    12 hours! We had such a blast. So much fun! Rode
    Rides, saw the animals, watched funny comedic performances, ate really great unhealthy food.

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