One of the biggest accomplishments in journalism is writing about the American presidency up close.  It is the dream of any journalist in America to conduct an exclusive interview with the nominee of a major party or cover a particular president, especially the historic presidency of Barack Obama.

In 2008, Bankole Thompson, became the first editor of an African American newspaper in the nation to have a series of exclusive sit-down interviews with Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee headed to become the first black president of the United States.

Thompson’s coveted interviews with President Obama and his subsequent coverage of his presidency led to his book series on the Obama presidency.


 In 2010 Global Mark Makers, the publishing outfit in Iowa published the first of a book series on the Obama presidency written by Bankole Thompson.

 The book “Obama and Black Loyalty,” examins President Obama’s relationship with black America across a myriad of issues affecting t

he African American community such as incarceration, black unemployment, education etc.

Dr. Bernard Lafayette, organizer of the famous 1968 Poor People’s Campaign- the watershed moment – of the American civil rights movement and a top aide to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in 


launching “Obama and Black Loyalty,” at Wayne State University Law School, said the book “is the conscience of black America,” for digging into issues often outside of the discourse of mainstream politics.
Munson Steed, publisher of Rolling Out Magazine said, “Bankole Thompson has written an important book about President Obama for all times. The book should matter to anyone who cares so deeply about the future of black America and what is being done to tackle our problems.”

Santita Jackson, host of the “Santita Jackson Show” on Chicago’s WVON-1690AM who served as the special moderator during the launching of “Obama and Black Loyalty,” praised the book as a timely 


material to probe meaningful issues affecting black America. Jackson is the godmother of the Obama daughters.

In 2011, Global Mark Makers published Bankole Thompson’s second book on the Obama presidency titled “Obama and Christian Loyalty,” about President Obama’s faith posture, his Judeo-Christian values and the politics of the religious right.

Former White House spokesman Bob Weiner in writing the epilogue to “Obama and Christian Loyalty,
” wrote “Bankole’s book makes an amazing contribution to America’s understanding of what faith and religion are and should be in American politics-not an excuse for making the rich richer, but a basis for improving the lives of the oppressed and the needy, a foundation for helping others.”

Bishop P.A. Brooks, First Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, and Guest Chaplain of the 102nd Congress wrote the foreword to “Obama and Christian Loyalty,” hailed the book as an important document that focuses on “understanding how President Obama’s responses to the varying social and economic needs fit within the Christian perspective.”
Weiner who was the director of the Daily Press Briefing at the 2008 Democratic National Convention said, “Bankole is also a leader in America on bridges between religions and between ethnic and racial groups,” while calling the book “an important reference on the intersection of religion and politics.”

Bishop Brooks wrote, “Bankole Thompson knows and proves that outlining a correct relationship between American Christians and the President requires a careful look at the actual policies of the man and the real voice of the Scripture, nothing less than an educated understanding of both politics and religion.”


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