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Bankole Thompson spends his professional time pricking the conscience of the powerful in society through his piercing and bold articles in the newspaper and strong voice on the airwaves.


A consumate and widely respected journalist and accomplished author, Thompson, is the editor of the 

Michigan Chronicle where his editorial leadership has put the paper on front street as a credible, relevant and intellectual voice on the issues shaping the lives of the paper’s readers and the African American community in Michigan.

Thompson writes a weekly front page column that’s been the most sought after article in the Michigan 

Chronicle every week where his voice on issues comes out very clear with journalistic clarity and depth.

On the airwaves in Michigan, Thompson is a strong voice that breaks down complex policy questions every week on WDET-101.9FM (Detroit NPR Affiliate) where he is a senior political news analyst. His weekly analysis on WDET every Thursday morning cuts through the double-talk of politicians who sometimes play fast and loose with the facts.

On the airwaves in New York, Thompson is a member and political analyst on the weekly “Obama Watch”

 Sunday evening roundtable program on WLIB-1190AM New York and simulcast  in New Jersey and Connecticut. Since 2008, Thompson has been selected as one of three leading journalists to form the weekly “Obama Watch” program on New York’s legendary station WLIB where his take on the Obama administration on a myriad of issues from domestic to foreign policy can be heard on the airwaves weekly.

In writing his powerful columns and analyzing issues on radio and television, 


Thompson, relies on his  varied experiences from covering the struggles of every day people to His remarkable story telling ability, insightful analysis, celebrated work on the Obama presidency and his knackinterviewing today’s most powerful political figures including President

Barack Obama, Rev Jesse Jackson Sr., Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Michigan Governor Rick Synder to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

for scoring big interviews, has made Bankole Thompson, not only a sought after media personality, but also one of the most influential black journalists in America.

As a correspondent for Inter
Press Service North America Bureau at the United Nations in New York during the historic 2008 presidential campaign, Thompson’s articles on the campaign and subsequent articles on the 

upcloseObama presidency have been translated into 14 international languages across Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

The Eisenhower Foundation in Washington DC dubbed him “a courageous voice and a shining example of journalism for the public good.” 
A thought leader, gifted orator and author of a six-part book series on
the Obama presidency, Thompson’s elegant and didactic writings continues to place him before respected organizations and institutions as a keynote


The Detroit Jewish News in an editorial tribute to his journalistic work called Thompson “one of the most influential and independent African American voices.”